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Our Production Facilities

Inovar Industries Sdn Bhd, the producer of Inovar Floor, is a specialist manufacturer of superior water-resistant quality laminate flooring. Inovar Industries is strategically located about 60 km northwest from the city of Kuala Lumpur and has long been regarded as the leading producer of timber laminate flooring in Malaysia and also across the Asia Pacific region.

Inovar Industries is home to some of the most advanced German flooring machinery and is able to produce up to 5 million sqm of laminate flooring annually and it is managed by a team of well-qualified professionals who has more than 20 years of experience in the woodbased industry and other related industries.

Initially incorporated as Stalheim Industries Sdn Bhd, the company changed its name to Inovar Industries Sdn Bhd in 2011 to better reflect the company’s branding initiatives and to bring the Inovar Floor brand to greater heights, as well as to position itself as a leading flooring brand in Malaysia and in the countries in which it operates.

Well-established with offices across the region in India, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Australia, Taiwan, Japan as well as an active and dynamic distribution network and flagship showrooms in Malaysia, Inovar Industries maintains a pole position in the timber laminate flooring market serving professional users the building industry as well as end users in the residential and commercial sectors.

The company invests significant time and money into extensive research and development to innovate and continuously improve and meet the ever changing market trends. The high-tech production line is equipped with advanced on-line quality control capabilities and product quality is further assured with a well-equipped in-house laboratory & post-production quality checking. Always steadfastly upholding its philosophy of providing the best quality possible, Inovar Industries carefully integrates mechanical precision with human efficiency to achieve the much-sought after status as the leading specialist.

With the strong support from its sister company just next door, Vasatech Sdn Bhd – a RM50 million production facility that makes high quality low pressure melamine films for the lamination and board panel industries – Inovar Industries enjoys great flexibility and convenience in terms of design development and raw material supply.

Vasatech houses some of the most technologically-advanced equipment in the industry and it is able to produce close to 45-50 mil sqm of melamine films annually.

With the strong support from its shareholders and management team as well as the staff members, Inovar Industries is set to maintain its pole position in the industry as well as in the region.